Saturday, April 01, 2006

DataPro invests R4.5 million in hosting operations

DataPro has announced that it has invested R4.5 million in expanding and upgrading its hosting operations. This comes as part of the company’s move to focus on delivering hosting services, comparable to that in the US.
According to Dave Crothall, newly-appointed hosting manager at DataPro “the expansion has become necessary with the restructuring of our current hosting offerings but more importantly because of the growing demand we have for premium hosting services.”
Commenting further, Crothall said: "Hosting is a major focus at DataPro. Although not currently the situation, we expect and are gearing ourselves for the commoditisation of bandwidth. With commoditisation, we foresee that hosting solutions will be sold on key deliverables such as service, reliability and value-added offerings rather than the price of bandwidth.”
"Our objective is to offer the cheapest bandwidth costs possible. In this light we have upgraded and refocused our entire hosting operation to prepare for critical mass and to enable us to offer a slew of exciting new products and services at very competitive prices. We are not going to base our model on bandwidth."
He stressed that the company will be introducing a range of exciting and new hosting-focused product and service options "over the next 12 months".
Dave has an uphill battle on his hands. His initial "announcement" to his customers scared the bejeebers out of me, and his response convinced me to move my hosting from DataPro to Hetzner. I think he has realised that some mistakes were made, and I wish him luck. The corporate culture at DataPro is going to have to improve if they want to attract good customers. My experiences with them have been dismal. By comparison, I have had only one bad experience with Hetzner, and everything else has gone like clockwork. I can administer much of the web site myself, which I prefer.

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