Friday, April 07, 2006

Best News Podcasts

I listen to a number of news-related podcasts. One of the most interesting is Newsweek on Air, a radio show produced by Newsweek magazine. It's a bit more detailed than the CBS Weekend Roundup, and covers more world news. Even so, both are very US-focused, which is sad.
The BBC World Service doesn't have that parochial bias that the American news has. BBC Newshour is one of the best news programmes on the planet. You can listen to the streaming version for free, or you can get the podcast version from, and I think it is well worth the US$9.06 per month or US$48.97 per year. Since I'm an Audible member, it cost me only 4 credits for a year's subscription. Well worth it: you get 5 issues per week, 1 hour long. I download mine when I wake up in the morning, and can listen on my way to work. There is also the BBC Radio Newspod among a whole host of BBC podcasts.
There are a number of other podcasts available from PRI in the US, as well as from the Apple iTunes store. If you have a more scientific bent, then the Discovery Channel Podcasts are an absolute must.

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