Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hetzner Saves Me a Fortune!

When my web site was hosted at DataPro, I had no idea how much traffic the "Vineyard Music EXTRA" site was generating. Now I know: far too much to be affordable! In the last few days it has worked out to 150-200MB per day. I guess when you've had over 4 million visitors in the last few years the site becomes more well known than most.
At the DataPro rates I would be looking at a bandwidth bill of an extra R500 per month added to my normal R114 bill; by moving my site to Hetzner's servers in Germany I get 20GB per month included in my R99 total monthly fee.
I have had good service from Hetzner: the setup was easy and straightforward, they have always been knowledgeable and helpful, and they have sorted out my problems quickly and efficiently. Here is a company that finally put the "S" back into ISP. They are truly an Internet Service Provider.
The transfer went through flawlesssly, without a single hitch. Bravo, Hetzner!

PS: Good job it isn't hosted on a Vodacom HSDPA server: 20GB would cost me R4990 for the first 10GB, and thereafter the next 10GB (they don't have a 20GB contract - I wonder why?) would be another R20800. All this for a hobby web site that doesn't earn me a cent.

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