Monday, March 20, 2006

DataPro wants to charge me Telkom prices

My hobby web site has been hosted by DataPro for years, at a flat fee. Now they have decided to get greedy and charge me for bandwidth usage as well. I guess that's fine if I can manage the bandwidth and get full usage stats as to who is downloading what. I suppose.
What I don't like is the rates they want to charge: R0.09 per MB. That works out to nearly R100 per GB, which is pretty excessive. Telkom charges me the same prices for my ADSL line, which is about 10 times the international average.
By comparison, Hetzner's "Basic" package costs R99 per month and includes 15000MB, which works out at R0.066 per MB, except that it's already included in the basic price, so it ends up being much cheaper.
I guess they'll have to change their slogan to "Internet solutions for the GREEDY world".

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