Wednesday, March 01, 2006

CopyMail: Send files to mailboxes from the command line

Email was never designed for file attachments or HTML. Most mail servers won't even allow messages greater than 5MB in size. But there are free email accounts such as Yahoo Mail and Gmail that allow users anything up to 1GB of free space. So it occurred to me that my Yahoo Mail account would work quite well as a free method of making backups of time-critical data, such as those files being backed up using Zippy.
Now I have added a utility to send mail from the Windows Command Prompt. It's called CopyMail, and it's a free download.

Bear in mind that files sent as attachments increase in size by 35% by the time they arrive in the target mailbox. So don't use it to send large files to your friends. Rather use, which can handle huge files without clogging your mailbox at all.

CopyMail download

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