Friday, March 03, 2006

Computicket Gets It Right

On Wednesday I got a SPAM email from the Montecasino Theatre. They eventually admitted that they had misused the contact information provided to them by Computicket. I phoned Computicket and the Receptionist insisted that it wasn't them: against company policy she insisted.
I wasn't convinced so I asked to speak to the MD. They put me through to Madelaine Van Jaarsveldt, who investigated the matter and phoned me back. She explained that the information is supplied to the theatre so that if a show is cancelled or postponed they can contact the ticket holders. They do not allow the theatres to use the information for any other purpose, and have a very strict no spam policy. They have contacted the owner of the theatre, Pieter Toerien to ensure this abuse doesn't happen again.
At last! A web site that understands how poisonous SPAM can be to their business. Well done Computicket, and thank you Madelaine!
I just wish that the Ster Kinekor blockheads would do the same, but that's another story.

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