Sunday, April 03, 2011

India Celebrates Cricket World Cup Final Victory

Clearly there are forward-thinking Cricket administrators in the Indian subcontinent: they organised the Cricket World Cup to be hosted in three countries: India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. That's pretty amazing, and not easy to pull off.
India were rewarded by a team that came together at the right moment and won the matches that counted, unlike the Proteas who seemed to fall apart. My friend Vishal sent me this clip on how the fans celebrated the semifinal win against Pakistan. No doubt the celebrations at winning the final will be just as spirited and enthusiastic. Now they are calling the country "Windia". Major newspapers and websites changed their backgrounds and logos to blue, the colour of the team's jersey, to celebrate the team's success.

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Atlanta Roofing said...

I think he was saying it seemed a bit predictable having both the hosts in the final. They may have been the best teams and they both performed pretty professionally in the final but having an outsider or underdog in there makes it more interesting and gives you someone to back as a neutral.