Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mustang waves goodbye to WebHost4Life

The Mustang web site has found a new home, thanks to the technical incompetence and bad planning of the Endurance International Group, the new owners of WebHost4Life. The DNS transfer from WebHost4Life to Arvixe should be completed in the next 24 hours. This blog uses graphics from the Mustang site, so there might be a hiccup or two, but I'm not expecting anything like the fiasco that occurred when WebHost4Life screwed up the FishWisePro web site.
The difference between WebHost4Life and Arvixe is like chalk and cheese. Arvixe sends you an email that explains how to set up everything. Their control panel is easy to use and mostly intuitive. Their database setup is totally straightforward, and even the domain transfer instructions are clear and easy to follow.
Two of my support questions were already answered in the support knowledgebase, and two other questions were answered by a technical support person who actually knew what was going on. Quite a change from the idiotic and nonsensical responses I got from even the most senior people at WebHost4Life.
They automatically created a test domain called that allows me to test the setup before changing the DNS settings. I'm a very satisfied customer.
Update Thursday 2pm: The DNS changes have been implemented, and the switchover went completely without hitch. Unlike the balls-up with (now fixed) and ("cancelled" by WebHost4Life). Why is it that they break everything they touch?

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