Friday, May 14, 2010

AutoHotKey is Awesome

AutoHotKey is one of those free programs you wonder how you ever did without.
One of my recent uses for it is to paste difficult-to-remember passwords or user names to the clipboard. Here is an example script:
clipboard := "RandoMe20?~"
This pastes the string "RandoMe20?~" to the clipboard, which allows you to use it as a password.
Here is another example. There are numerous connections using a password that always start with "login" and end with "12345". This script asks for the part in the middle, and then types the calculated string into the password dialog box.
; Press Shift-Space to begin
; create password and paste it
InputBox, passw, password, Type in the middle letters of the password press ENTER
Send login%passw%12345

This particular script has become a real time saver for the people who use it. There is a learning curve involved, but there are plenty of examples and the help file is well written. Check it out!

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