Friday, June 12, 2009

Israel Laptop Center shows how service is done

I wanted to arrange a laptop for our good friend Avi (shown centre) when she moved to Israel. Not only did we need to arrange and English/Hebrew keyboard (she does translations and Hebrew lessons) but we needed reliable installation and delivery to a town in Northern Israel. Of course the major retailers in South Africa were all completely clueless about Hebrew keyboards, especially for laptops, and the courier fees would have been hectic.
I made enquiries on various web sites, and received an extremely helpful and considerate answer from Judah at the Laptop Center. He recommended a Toshiba laptop because of its quality and guarantee period, and further offered to save us money by using the cheaper Office Home and Student edition.
At all stages they were polite, efficient and helpful, and the laptop has arrived at its destination safely. I wish there were businesses like this in South Africa. When asked they suggested how we could rent a 3G Broadband connection from IL Wireless Rentals, who offered to send the 3G modem to the Laptop Center to reduce courier fees. We eventually decided on a different approach, but I am impressed by the efficiency and helpfulness of both companies, and can heartily recommend them to anyone living in or travelling to Israel.

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