Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Interim Benchmark Results

It has taken 3 weeks to arrive at these results, partly because of the time it takes to run the tests, and partly because of interruptions. Nonetheless, in the interests of full disclosure, I figured it would be best to publish the raw benchmark results before testing any of the defrag programs.
I have cycled through 3 different systems: Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit, and Windows Home Basic 64-bit. I have omitted the hIOmon results because I am still learning how to use this amazing software, and also I'm not sure what exactly to measure. The results of the fragmented systems are to be found in PDF printouts of an Excel spreadsheet:
Click on the links to see the PDF files, or right-click to save them. As soon as the disk image backup is completed, I will start testing PerfectDisk 10 Professional. Stand by for results in the next few weeks. You can find the current status of the tests by looking at the "current status" message in the left margin of this blog. I update it as the status changes.
Update 9 June 2009: I have included the reboot time for Vista 64, and will add in the other times as they become available.


Rick said...

WOW..........this shoot out is going to be MASSIVE! You've got your hands full with this one Donn. All eyes are upon you and best of luck!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the timer. Love it.

Did some defrags and then ran the timer after each:
mst Defrag - 2 min 22 sec
MyDefrag 'Slow optimize' - 2 min 42 sec
DiskTune from DataRecovery after optimize - 1 min 45 secs. Remarkable!

That DiskTune is super slow doing either 'optimize' or 'compact'. Its 'defrag' is very fast. Not much in the way of reporting, but you can analyze with Defraggler and see how things are.

Joep said...

DiskTune is back, now as DiskTuna. Find it here: If Don could allow this little comment for the fans of DiskTune then that would be great.