Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bypass Vista's Defender Startup Program Blocker

Don't you hate it when you install a program that is supposed to run at startup, and "Windows Defender" blocks it?
Well, there is a way around this annoyance. Use the Task Scheduler to schedule a task after the user logs on. Here is an example using HD Tune. Delete the Defender entry, and then run the Task Scheduler. Create a new task, and set the general description.
Make sure you select "Run with highest privileges". Now go to the "Triggers" section, and add a new trigger:
The task should begin "At log on" and delay it for 30 seconds or so:
Now go to the "Actions" section:
Add a new action, to "Start a program", and browse for the program file to be launched.
Next, go to the "Conditions" section
Remove any of the conditions ticks, and then go to "Settings":
Now adjust the settings as shown. Voila! Save and close the scheduled task, log off and log on again to test it.

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