Thursday, December 13, 2007

Puran Defrag 4.0 special offer

The guys at Puran Software are celebrating the release of Puran Defrag 4.0 by dropping the price for a limited time: US$ 14.95, a saving of $10 on the regular price. Even at the higher price it's worth it; this is a bargain!
I have been testing the new version for two weeks, and its brilliant. The boot time defrag goes a good job of tidying up the drive and consolidating free space, and the automatic defrag works pretty well. There are a bunch of small features that I like, such as the ability to do a defrag of a particular file or folder by right-clicking on it. Also, you can do a complete defrag followed by a shutdown, which is useful in an office environment. Just start the defrag and go home. It even runs chkdsk first, as a safety measure. This product is well engineered and the help file is clear and informative.
I plan to publish the benchmarks shortly: most of the delays are out of the way now. I suspect that the price drop has something to do with the outstanding success of their cricket team, but I'm only guessing. ;-)
Update 1 Jan 2008: the special offer price is now $19.95

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