Thursday, December 20, 2007

Electricity Situation Gets Worse

Eskom asked for an 18% price increase, and has been given 14%. So much for the government protecting the consumer or caring about business.
How we have to put up with "load shedding" (i.e the power goes off for 2 hours in randomy selected suburbs) and free electricity to Zimbabwe as well as higher prices and general technical incompetence. Fires at generating plants and substations are usually caused by poor maintenance or obsolete equipment. One fire resulted in the loss of 500MW generating capacity. Then there was the Koeberg debacle which saw rolling blackouts happening for months.
How can this problem be solved? Some people blame it on bad decisions, others blame it on affirmative action leading to the employment of inexperienced engineers. I say that whatever the cause, our current leadership will blame it on Apartheid and do nothing else. It's a failure of power, plain and simple. That's why I think it is appropriate to drop the "e" from their logo. It better reflects what the public feels about them shedding their responsibilities.

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