Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Great Defrag Shootout Interview

I've listened to hundreds of podcasts, especially the TWiT network, but this week I was interviewed by Stephanie Diamond for the PerfectDisk blog.
Nothing was edited out; I was not told what I could say or not say; and I was encouraged to talk freely about defragmentation, my blogging experiences, and so on. She sent me some generic questions ahead of time so I could think through what i wanted to say and make my own notes. We first did a Skype interview but it didn't record well, so Stephanie called me on the telephone.
The interview runs for about 12 minutes, and the phone line is soft in a few places, so I made a recording using TotalRecorder and then edited it in GoldWave to adjust the volume levels. You can find the original recording at the PerfectDisk Blog, or download my 2986KB volume-adjusted version here.

Part 1 (recorded 30 Oct) | Part 2 (recorded 20 Nov)

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