Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Online Malware Scan: save yourself a lot of trouble

This man is one of the heroes of the internet, IMHO. Jordi Bosveld runs a free web service that uses a gazillion different virus and malware scanners to check files you may consider suspicious. It also passes on any suspect files to the Anti-Virus industry. Make a note of this page in your browser shortcuts now:
Yesterday I had a narrow escape from a program that claimed to be a software crack (I dislike these things at the best of times but I had little choice in the matter) but ended up being a trojan horse. I guess the icon (shown above left) should have told the whole story, but then we learn from our mistakes. When I ran the scan my favourite antivirus program, NOD32, it didn't detect anything wrong, so I assumed the results were a false positive.
I was wrong, and it took me several attempts to track down and remove this pesky program. Last time I wasn't so lucky. I guess two wrong decisions makes me a fool. So be it. The scan results today show that several more AV programs have added the signature of this malware to their definitions, but even more have not.
As the disclaimer says, even if all of the scanners report nothing found, it doesn't mean that it isn't malware, it's just that it could be unknown malware, in which case you'll be doing everyone a favour by scanning it.
Update: NOD32 detected it this morning, after doing an update. I guess a few hours response time is pretty good.
Update: I found a number of similar sites. See More Malware File Scanners article.

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