Thursday, June 14, 2007

Zippy gets cleverer

Zippy Backup Assist is a utility that I use regularly to save development work into zip files, where the zip file name includes the date. It also gets used to repair and compact Access databases before making the backup, to keep the zip files small and the Access files manageable. Now I have added another feature: a second parameter that is passed to the zip.bat batch file when Zippy quits. This second parameter contains another date, usually one day behind the first one, but it can be any number of days. The new version includes an Inno Setup-generated setup file, and can optionally install the PkZipC software as well. Update: I have made some more improvements to make a backup copy of any mdb file name ending with the word "data", and the "pause" time is less CPU-intensive. It also has a MSG= keyword, and the PAUSE= function works a bit better. Get version 1.0081.

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