Monday, June 04, 2007

AccessOpener 1.11 gets a boost

If you're an Access programmer you need this free utility. I use it all the time, and it saves me a lot of trouble. It's only when it isn't there that I miss it the most, like when my laptop had to be reinstalled, or when I'm working on a client's machine.
Recently I learnt a lot more about the Windows Prefetch system, and encountered the DiskTrix SystemBoosterXP product, which got me thinking: why not use AccessOpener to read the msaccess.exe file from the disk and place it into cache memory while the computer is booting up? Once it's there it will speed up the time it takes to load Access and open a file.
So I added a /LOAD option to work with the /SET option at startup, and it's all packaged and working, thanks to Inno Setup.

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