Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Gizmo Effect

Suddenly last week I started getting lots of responses to my "Great Defrag Shootout" series. Then my friend Ian, who subscribes to the "Gizmo" Support Alert Newsletter, send me a copy of issue number 146. All it said in the newsletter was:
1.4 The Great Defrag Shoot-out
One of the best comparative reviews of defragmentation utilities I've seen. I don't agree with all the author's comments but hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
The following traffic graph from shows the effect quite clearly:
Anatomu Traffic graphAll I can say is, thanks for the mention, and I hope your readers found what they were looking for.

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Frank Koehl III said...

Most definitely! Per Gizmo, I went through the whole series and added a bunch of awesome new tools to my kit. I'm now a happy RSS subscriber too. Very impressive work, please keep it up.