Sunday, March 25, 2007

Updated Freebie Software Page

Visitors to the Black and White Inc site have probably looked that the "freebies" page to see what is available for download.
I have just spent a productive Sunday morning updating the list of software that I have installed and use regularly on my PC. Here is the list:
  • 7Zip: (freeware) is largely better than WinZip in the variety of formats it can handle.
  • Access Opener: (myware)
  • Access Runtime Tester: (myware) The simplest way to repair and compact or decompile an .mdb file.
  • Ad-Aware SE Personal: (freeware) is largely obsolete because NOD32 does such a good job.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader: (freeware) displays all the PDF files I use
  • allSnap: (freeware) keeps the screen from getting cluttered.
  • CCleaner: (freeware) keeps the hard drive from getting cluttered.
  • CmdHere Powertoy: (freeware) Useful for getting a command line where you need it.
  • Cool MP3 Splitter: (shareware) Useful for managing large MP3 files.
  • Contig: (freeware) from Sysinternals allows me to defragment an individual file from a batch file. Doesn't replace PerfectDisk, but helps keep the drive tidy.
  • DS Clock: (freeware) Those chimes are just so cool and you get to decide how the time displays on your desktop.
  • eMule: (freeware) with the XtremeMod extras. It's the best way of doing file sharing without all the spam and bogus files.
  • Goldwave: (shareware) is possibly the most useful audio editor available.
  • Google Desktop: (freeware) finds stuff fast, particularly in Outlook
  • Google Earth: (freeware) a great way to look at the world
  • Google Pack Screensaver: (freeware) allows me to view some of my photos when the PC isn't busy.
  • Google Toolbar: (freeware) indispensable for both IE7 and Firefox
  • Hamachi: (freeware) the simplest way to set up a secure VPN
  • Hunter-Killer: (myware) keeps the clutter to a dull roar.
  • Inno Setup: (freeware) incredibly useful setup program
  • ISTool: (freeware) the toolkit that makes Inno Setup so easy to use.
  • iTunes: (freeware) a necessary evil when using an iPod Shuffle.
  • Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8: (commercial) programmable and easy to use most of the time.
  • JGsoft Editpad Pro: (commercial) totally indispensable text editor.
  • LogMeIn: (freeware) great for connecting to remote machines.
  • Microsoft Access97: (commercial) my favourite database application, bugs and all.
  • Microsoft Developer Edition Tools: (commercial) used to make the runtime stuff. Inno Setup does a better job, but this licenses you to deploy Access runtime apps.
  • Microsoft Office XP Developer: (commercial) what a waste of a lot of money. I use Word and Excel, and have yet to write any AccessXP apps.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000: (commercial) comes with Office XP and allows me to test the SQL apps I write with Access97.
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Professional: (commercial) I don't use it much, but it is still a great programming tool.
  • miFiles - My Internet Files: (freeware) a simple, effective FTP program. I love it.
  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5: (freeware) my browser of choice, especially with the following add-ins and extensions:
    • NoScript
    • Google Toolbar
    • Adblock
    • FasterFox
    • IETab
    • DownThemAll
    • ForecastFox
    • FoxClocks
    • PDF Download
    • Print Preview
    • Googlepedia

  • Mustang: (betaware) Mustang 4.x is the basis for the Miami applications I develop every day. No longer available.
  • MyMail: (myware)
  • NOD32 Antivirus: (commercial) keeps my PC virus-free and safe.
  • PerfectDisk: (commercial) keeps my hard drive in order
  • PerfOpt XP: (freeware) allows me to tweak some Windows settings
  • PKZip Command Line: (shareware) used with Zippy to make backups
  • Plaxo Toolbar for Outlook: (freeware) helps keep my contacts up to date
  • PsShutDown: (freeware) from Sysinternals allows me to shut down or Reboot from a batch file
  • Putty: (freeware) the Telnet client I use when I need to talk to my Ubuntu Linux server.
  • PrimoPDF: (freeware) is the best way to create PDF files.
  • Radmin Viewer 3.0: (commercial) indispensable for keeping client PCs organised and operational.
  • RealPlayer: (freeware) for playing Audible books
  • SafeXP: (freeware) tweaks Windows XP to make it a bit more bearable.
  • Search and Replace 2.87: (shareware) I bought this ages ago and its still a quick way to find and replace things across multiple files.
  • Skype: (freeware) great for long distance conversations
  • Snadboy's Revelation: (freeware) useful to test security and find lost passwords
  • SyncToy: (freeware) great for making backups
  • Total Recorder 6.0: (commercial) Standard Edition used to convert Audible books into MP3s and for recording Skype calls.
  • TrueCrypt: (freeware) keeps confidential data safe and secure, especially on laptops.
  • TweakUI: (freeware) helps control Windows.
  • UniBlue Registry Boster: (trialware) Compacts the registry, and supposedly finds registry errors. CCleaner works better. Not worth the money. Uninstalled and replaced with Auslogics Registry Defrag.
  • UniBlue SpeedUpMyPC: (trialware) removes miscellaneous files and allows me to monitor hard drive activity. The Memory Boost option is completely bogus. Not worth the money.
  • United Devices Agent: (freeware) Uses spare processor cycles for scientific work at
  • WavePad: (freeware/commercial) has a great Automatic Gain Control and is useful for converting audio books to my personal MP3 standard format: 32kbps, 22050Khz.
  • WinAmp: (freeware) plays most of the media files on my PC
  • WinZip 9: (shareware) the best ZIP file program, but I won't be spending more money for version 11. See 7Zip.
  • Zippy: (myware) makes backups of my work. Has saved me days of lost work over the years.
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