Thursday, March 08, 2007

AmaYeza ousts Princess software for Miami

AmaYeza Info Services provides medical information to various call centres including the Vaccine Helpline. They have relied on software that was developed for them using Delphi, but were unable to get the support they needed when the author emigrated.
The system is quite complex, with numerous many-to-many relationships in the database design, and they need the ability to do unstructured queries on old enquiries to find trends or look for similar cases. I have been working on a replacement program for over 6 months, and finally the program has got to a point where they can use in in place of Princess.
The change to Access97 may seem odd at a time when Access 2007 has just been launched, but there are several advantages for AmaYeza. The most obvious is that they are no longer restricted to using Windows 2000 on their workstations, and can upgrade their MDAC software from version 2.5 to a more contemporary version without their entire database grinding to a halt.
Now that their database is fully normalised, they can extract additional information that was previously much more difficult to extract. In addition, several "merge" wizards have been provided so that the changing face of both the drug manufacturers and the local pharmacies can be tracked. As companies merge or get taken over by other companies, their products can now be automatically updated to reflect the new situation wihout too much fuss.

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