Thursday, November 23, 2006

Prominent Johanesburg Lawyer Reads My Blog

I was somewhat flattered to receive an email from prominent lawyer and respected member of the community, Michael de Broglio. He wasn't pleased with the entry I made earlier in the year, when he phoned me to ask me who he was. I recall him yelling, "Do you know who I am?" but I wasn't able to help him.
Unfortunately Michael decided that my entry constuted "defamation" rather than "embarassment". He wrote:
I have come across a blog of yours, dated 25 April 2006, in which you not only defame me, but also utilize an image of me off my own website!
Please would you be so kind as to remove the entire blog within 48 hours failing which I shall have no option but to pursue a substantial legal action against you. I do trust this will not be necessary and you will attend to the immediate removal of the defamatory blog and any reference to me on your blog, as well as my image.
All my rights remain strictly reserved.
Thank you
Michael de Broglio
Michael owns several racehorses and is a prominent Johannesburg lawyer and National Director of the Racing Association and chairs the Marketing Committee. He is also the Chairperson of the Gauteng Law Council, and has two blogs, one at the Gauteng Law Council, and one at the Johannesburg Attorneys Association.
Obviously someone this important would want to protect his fine reputation, but one wonders whether he is going too far by demanding I close down the entire "defammatory blog" because of a single entry. Nonetheless I have removed the entry to which he referred, to save him the effort of having to "pursue a substantial legal action".

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