Thursday, November 23, 2006

City Parks Hard at Work

Julius Ceasar would have been proud. They came, they saw, they came back and cut it down. The tree was too lopsided to remove the dead branches, so the whole thing had to go. Fortunately there are plenty of trees in the park, as you can see from the photos.
By 10.30am the workers had left, without removing any of the branches, even though they have a large lorry to do so. I guess we have to wait for a different team of busy bees to collect the rubbish.
Maybe they're going to leave the wood to dry out and become a fire hazard before removing it.
Update 01-Dec-2006: Accoring to the City Council call centre, reference number 0122/20/11/2006 was handed over to the "Florida Depot" and should be attended to by Monday 4th December.
Update 02-Dec-2006: The grass in the park was cut, except round the tree debris. None of the tree debris or grass custtings were removed. Here is a panoramic view taken from a boundary fence. Click for a more detailed image.
Aleit Park

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