Thursday, August 31, 2006

Neotel gets only one chance

"Neotel officially brought competition to the fixed line telecoms industry today with the launch of its first services to the wholesale telecommunications market.
Neotel is the new identity of the second national operator, unveiled at a prestigious event in Kyalami, Johannesburg by the company’s Managing Director, Mr Ajay Pandey. He outlined the planned rollout of telecommunication services based on leading-edge technologies and reiterated the company’s promise to introduce initial services for consumers by March 2007."

A note to Neotel: We've been waiting for decades for this, and Telkom's bad service is exceeded only by their arrogant incompetence. If you do just as bad, we're going to take all our decades of frustration with them out on YOU. You have been warned! All I can say is: don't screw it up!

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