Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Pick 'n Pay Go Slow

"Employees of one of South Africa's biggest supermarket chains have embarked on a nationwide go-slow campaign apparently in support of their wage demands.
"Pick 'n Pay retail managing director Nick Badminton yesterday confirmed the campaign and said the company had, since Saturday, received reports from across the country of sporadic go-slows. He could not, however, say how many employees or stores had been affected.
"'We think it is related to wage negotiations, but we have had no official confirmation from the SA Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers Union (Saccawu) on this as yet.'
"Badminton, who would not disclose details of the company's wage offer or the workers' demands, said management were currently busy with wage negotiations and once these had been resolved, they would communicate (with the media) what had been decided on.
"He said for now the company's customers were, as always, its greatest concern and it would be negotiating with employees to resolve the go-slow.
"Badminton said there had been customer complaints at some stores and he apologised to 'our customers for any inconvenience they may have encountered'.
"Saccawu provincial secretary Crossby Booi was not available for comment."

The go slow may have started on Saturday, but I first encountered it today during lunchtime. The thing I don't get is that the store Management has made no attempt whatsoever to warn customers of the problem. Apology not accepted, Mr Badminton!
I only realised there was a go-slow after filling my basket with stuff. I just left the full basket at the entrance and left. The slow workers just gave themselves more work to do.
Who is more incompetent and evasive: management, unions or workers? It's a tough call.

Cape Argus - Nationwide Pick 'n Pay go-slow

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Anonymous said...

An interesting email from Reuters:

Fastest Growing Companies in South Africa for January 2009.

Top 20. In original order.

1)Pick and Pay
2)Africa cash and carry
4)Willoton Oils
5)Toys R us
6)British Airways
9)Footprints Filmworks
10)Wellington Fruits
11)Jeftrost Enterprizes
12)Pure Islam Media
15)Pam Golding Properties
16)Malls Tiles
17)Exotic Cars
18)Bakers Biscuits
19)South African Law Society
20)Roger Matthews Investments