Friday, January 27, 2006

Spam Reporting Tool for Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail

"The Blue Frog 'Spam Reporting Tool' enables Firefox users with Gmail, Hotmail & Yahoo web mail accounts to actively fight spam reaching their web mail accounts and make spammers stop sending them additional spam.
When entering your web mail account, Blue Frog will automatically report all the spam messages in your junk folder to Blue Security. Blue Frog also allows you to easily report spam messages reaching your Inbox - messages that were not identified as spam by your web mail application.
Messages you report will be analyzed by our Operations team that will prepare special scripts instructing Blue Frog how to complain at the web sites advertised by the spam your receive. Your Blue Frog desktop application will automatically retrieve those scripts and post opt-out complaints on your behalf.
Blue Frog Spam Reporting Tool is an open-source software project."

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Unknown said...

Webmail International should be investigated for bad business practice, lying to clients and customers and breach of contract. After being approached by Webmail and being assured that there was no spamming, fantastic response rates (30%-40%) and examples of the other companies who had great results. I signed up. Since then, they don't return calls, they are amateur in the extreme, they threaten legal action at every turn and refuse to engage at all. I have since found out that the database that 'signed' up to receive direct mail is their own email database. In order to get a free Webmail email address they require huge amounts of personal information. They use this info to spam their own clientele and then charge me for the pleasure!!! The privacy they promise their email clients is a farce. Every time somebody clicks through I get their phone number and their email address. I'm sure they love that! 96% of my direct mailers were deleted without opening! So much for a target market. The response rate has been 0.01% - if I had given away free product to these 69 people I would have saved thousands of Rands. I paid R30k to spam consumers and I am so furious. Webmail must be stopped!!

Donn Edwards said...

You spent R30k unwisely, and you pissed off a lot of your customers. I hope you have learnt your lesson. If the mafia demands protection money and then doesn't protect you, would you complain too? Just don't pay them any more money.

There really *are* honest ways of reaching consumers on the web, but spam marketing is *not* one of them. That's why it is used by companies selling porn, pirate software, imitation watches and bogus drugs. If you want to associate your product with this kind of marketing, then you are just begging to be ripped off.

If you want to market your products, then make a web site that works effectively, has honest information, and can be found by Google. Then participate in forums and on blogs: spend time, not money. Word of mouth is your best form of advertising on the web.

Check out and watch the free training videos on for tips on how to do things properly.

Unknown said...

Donn maybe you want to re-read my email. I was horrified that my emails ended up being spam. I had no idea. I was assured that Webmail didn't do that etc etc. There were tons of guarantees that were given and I was to receive an email confirming everything from the Sales Director himself. After trying to contact the man for days on end with no reply I realised something was up. The more I questioned the more irrate they became and started to threaten legal action. So spare me your sanctimonious kak please. I have reported Webmail to the DTI, The Direct Marketing Association, The Consumer Forum and OPA so if you think that spamming consumers is what I was signing up for then comprehension is not your strong suit.
I have a successful company (which is how I can afford R30k for a campaign), I have a website and I run an honest business. Hence I am trying to stop other people from getting screwed like I did and I have every intention of doing what I can to stop Webmail once and for all. You ok with this??

Donn Edwards said...

Re-reading your post I still get the impression you paid Webmail R30k to send emails to the people in the Webmail database. Clearly this is not what you meant to say.

I guess what you are saying is that you paid Webmail R30k to advertise on the Webmail web site or in webmail messages. I have never visited Webmail so I wouln't know.

I'm sorry my attempt at providing some useful advice on getting your web site found by Google was regarded as sanctimonous. I really hate spam, and it appears that you do too.

So ignore paragraph 1 and 2 as being my misunderstanding, and re-read the rest.

Perhaps you could try Adgator to get mentioned on local blogs, or use Google adwords.

Donn Edwards said...

Another thought: you could put a post on your web site apologising to all the webmail people who got spammed, and explaining how you were promised fantastic results and got dismal ones.

I'm sure Webmail won't be too happy, but your customers are more important.

I tried visiting and got attacked by popups. Not good.