Thursday, January 26, 2006

Microsoft Loses the Plot

Microsoft is crumbling. Expect their stock price to follow suit. Any company that wants to spend $120 million to deny the truth has completely lost the plot. It looks more like an attempt to bribe the press than communicate with its customers. If MS actually listened to its customers it would be a lot more successful.
"Microsoft is spending $120 million this year on an advertising campaign that's designed to soften its image as a 'huge American company.' The huge American company will use print, television, and Internet advertising in a bid to turn public opinion.
'We are often perceived as a huge American company,' Microsoft Group Advertising Manager Mike Lucero said in an interview late last week, noting that the software giant would be highlighting its worldwide education and economic development projects in the advertising campaign. 'We wanted to be very specific about what we are doing in each country in education, innovation, economic opportunity, and security.'
Microsoft, which might accurately be described as a huge American company, dominates the software market with its Windows OS, Microsoft Office productivity suite, and Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser. The company posted revenues of $39.8 billion in fiscal 2005 and has more than 63,000 employees, 63 percent of whom are in the United States."

Read Microsoft Reworks its Image from Paul Thurrot's Wininfo newsletter.

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