Monday, April 20, 2020

National Coronavirus Shutdown

The ANC government ordered a stay at home in March, which then became a "Lockdown" on 26th March for 21 days. With only 24 hours warning they banned the sale of alcohol and cigarettes, which is surely one of the dumbest moves any world government has yet to make. Add to that they didn't believe that face masks are important, possibly because there were none available for the public to buy. They also closed the hardware stores, so that you couldn't buy dust masks either. Such is the intelligence and far-sighted wisdom of our Communist rulers.
Of course the 21 day "lockdown" has been extended by another 14 days, which has been really tough on smokers and anyone who enjoys any amount of alcohol, and who only bought enough to last for 3 weeks. The social distancing rules are generally adhered to in the "white" middle-class suburbs, but elsewhere, in the more dense areas they have been largely ignored. (Excuse the pun)
Someone recently sent me a funny but tragic meme that has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp. It accurately describes the situation:
A 20-point summary of the government's COVID-19 strategy.

1. You may not leave your house for any reason, but if you have to, then you may.

2. Masks are useless. But they will protect you. They can save you. No, they can’t. Wear one anyway. If you want.

3. All shops are closed, except for the ones that are open.

4. You should not go to the hospital unless you have to go there. Stay out of the emergency unless you’re having an emergency. Then it will be fine.

5. This virus is deadly but not too scary, except that it might lead to a global disaster. Stay calm. It might not lead to a global disaster. Panicking is fine.

6. Gloves won't help, but they might help. Especially if you wear the same pair for hours, everywhere you go.

7. Everybody must stay inside, but it's important to go outside too. Sunlight will kill the virus but not if the virus kills you first. Get sunshine, but stay indoors.

8. There is no shortage of groceries at the shops, but there are many items missing when you go there in the evening, but not in the morning. Sometimes.

9. The virus has no effect on children except on those it has affected or will affect.

10. Animals are not affected, except the one or two that are infected. We're not sure about science yet, but stay up to date by reading journalists who don't know anything. Science is important.

11. You will have many symptoms when you are sick, but you can also get sick without symptoms, or have symptoms without being sick, or be contagious without having symptoms.

12. In order not to get sick, you have to eat well and exercise, but also don't go outside and don't go to the shops, so be sure to eat processed crap and stay inside. And stay healthy.

13. It's better to get some fresh air, but you may be arrested if you’re getting fresh air the wrong way, and most importantly, don't walk your dogs. The fresh air there is deadly.

14. Under no circumstances should you go to old age homes. The elderly are vulnerable except for when you take them food parcels. Then they're not vulnerable.

15. If you are sick, then you may not go out. Unless you go to the pharmacy to get your medication. Pharmacies are immune from viruses.

16. You may not buy cooked food. Cooked food spreads COVID-19. We will arrest anybody who is hungry and buys a cooked chicken. Frozen chicken is fine. Stay healthy.

17. Taxi drivers are immune from the virus. If you need to go somewhere, then use a taxi.

18. Maintain a safe distance from others. Unless you're in a taxi. Taxis are immune. So are frozen chickens.

19. The virus remains active on various surfaces for two hours. Actually, it's six hours. We think it's perhaps three days. We aren't sure. We are sure.

20. Herd immunity is important in fighting the virus. That's why everybody must stay indoors. Armed soldiers will shoot you if you disobey. Herd immunity is very important.
Fortunatley my brother warned me about the coming chaos in late February, and directed me to Chris Martenson's YouTube channel. It is well worth watching, with timely information based on medical evidence and economic data.
Judging by the way the ANC government has mismanaged the economy during "good times", it looks likely that they will inflict a lot more damage to the economy during and after the "lockdown", which is why I am now referring to it as the "shutdown". Fortunately I can work from home, even though one of my 3 main customers cannot pay me.

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Bluelearjetdriver said...

Here we are, 15th May 2020, and SA is on “level 4” with murmurings of a downgrade to “level 3” if everyone behaves (can you smell the irony?). Your mention of the “communist government”, sent my mind racing, so here goes:

Communism, the ideology which which has consistently brought/is bringing misery and retarded economic development to millions, is being embraced by the ANC/EFF as the country’s saviour (they wouldn’t dare use the word “communism” in public as it would evoke the ire of the US) and poor education, has not given the masses the ability to analyse trend. “Smart” move by the ANC/EFF..... Cue the recently imported Cuban “doctors”, in case you were under any doubt as to the ideological leanings/alliances of the ruling party.

Sadly communism can only survive under a brutal dictatorship (see North Korea and.........Cuba).