Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Joburg Water gets upset about their Logo, but not the water quality

Petty bureaucrats mystify me. They always focus on the wrong thing in order to try to "control" their "message". The Twitter account of the Joburg Water supplier is no exception. Last week I got a severe case of Gastro by drnking tap water. I tweeted:
As is the nature of bureaucracy, nothing happened. They forgot about it, or the "scientists at Cydna forgot about it, or they realised that no one had tested the water in my area for some time and they weren't going to admit it.
Time passed and I eventually recovered from the Gastro after being on a drip and taking antibiotics for 3 days. I decided it was time to remind Joburg Water that they owed me an answer. No reply. So I tried being a bit more direct: Still no reply. So I decided to warn my fellow citizens that Joburg water isn't safe. Still no reply. So I decided to post my nifty little graphic in a reply to everything they tweet, until someone notices. Eventually they noticed a pattern. Finally they noticed. What a relief!
But someone at Joburg Water obviously had their pride injured. Because I started getting Direct Messages on Twitter. The first was to request the location of where my home is. Maybe they just wanted to turn off the water for a while, or dig up the road or something.
But I didn't get the gastro from home, because I drink bottled water or boiled water. I only drink tap water when I'm at the gym. (Not any more!) Then the officious tone kicked in. Nice of them to make up a new name for me:
So here we are. They want to sue me for ruining their "reputation" by using their logo in a tweet. I think they are over-reacting now to cover up how they failed to react before. Perhaps its time to get my City Councillor involved?

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