Monday, November 01, 2010

Pathetic Lies from Clientele Life

I finally got an evasive response from Clientele Life, and it's not good. They sent a response, retracted it, and then sent it again. Obviously they can't decide on which lies and/or half-truths they should include.
"As a company we obtain prospect information from numerous sources. We would like to assure you that this is perfectly legal ... Clientele obtain personal information to be used in our Call Centre from many different list providers. One only has to go to the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (see and they will provide us with many and numerous accredited list providers, whereby we then go to these list providers and buy lists for prospecting.
This shows how cheap they are. They are not members of the DMA themselves, but claim to obtain lists from DMA members. However, my details are on the DMA's "Do Not Contact" list, so either they are lying or the DMA members are not cleaning their own lists.
They assure me that they are not breaking the law, which is a lie. Their inability to tell me who they got my details from is in itself a violation of the ECT Act. Obtaining my details from a DMA list means they already know that I don't want to be contacted. That's another violation. Failure to respond to my "stop" SMS message is a third violation.
If they duck and dive this badly with a simple request for information, what kind of ducking and diving do they do when you make a policy claim? The mind boggles. How can any organisation be this stupid?

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Challenges I'm going through trying to forget my child wood rape said...

I no my English is not that good .. the reason I don't trust CLIENTEL LIFE is what I found out about the hole cover made me scared and it was too late for me to pull out of this life cover . at first when I take this cover it was over the phone.and The guy who helped me to take the cover he didn't tell me the risk of taking the cover ...I went to them and wanted to know the hole true that's when they told me that if anything happens to my mom I'm only going to get 66000 it was a shoking . So I asked them about the other money because I already paid over R130.000 Rand that's when I was told the truth that the other money is just to keep the cover running I'm not going to get all of it . I said to them how come when I was talking the cover I was not being given that information I'm just getting it only now after 5 years . The answer I got from them was they are not allowed to give such information .. As they didn't want with my cash back I started to get scared .I started to investigate them .. and I was not happy about what I found out . I found out I was lied to all this year's because when I phone them to take the cover I asked for the individual cover for only-begotten my mom I didn't check anything I checked the raids buy my surprise I found out that the money I'm paying is on the family cover of I didn't asked for I keep asking them about it all they said is that I'm paying for the individual cover. I asked them of how come the money I'm paying is on the family cover the money for the individual cover is R800.13 .. not 1700..13 is for a family cover . And when I take the cover my mom she was 69 years at that time not 70 years but they made me pay money for a person that is 70 years .. I think it was 2015 they deducted My money 3 time's in 2month I called them they said to me is was for a month that I didn't pay and the month I was as in the thirt money it will cover me for the following month so they said I must not pay I said ok is .. and again the deducted 2 time's from my account and said I was owing ok I was ok with it . The problem started at the time that they refused me with my cash back they keep on saying I'm owing them .? I keep telling them that people I'm not owing you I paid all the 60 premiums I was supposed to get my money on much but they didn't want to pay me they made me pay for April and May too month extra .. and about the disc of the recording I went to them to ask for it .yes they gave it to me but when I listen to it couple of my recoding are not on the disc . I asked them about it they said they will send me another copy that is when I refused to take it My question was how come u didn't want to give me all the recording when I was at the office u want to give it to me now .. is because they no that the disc had some important. Information that I need so they listen and delete the after that they wanted to send me the write disc i really need help