Thursday, February 18, 2010

OverClocker benchmark misses the obvious has published a series of benchmark results for six defrag programs. Unfortunately the benchmark measurement program they used is HDTune, a program that measures hard drive performamce.
What's wrong with that? It reads raw sectors, not fragmented files. In fact, the manual for the Pro version says that if you want to do the write tests you should use an un-formatted, un-partitioned disk, in order to avoid accidental data loss.
I hate to be one of those "I told you so" critics, and I feel even worse that I have been unable to do any benchmarking on my FRAGG machine for the last month because of hassles with the SARS eFiling web site. Hopefully that will come right by the end of the month and I can publish some more meaningful benchmarks.

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Unknown said...

hey, i'm the one that ran the tests. Unfortunately, I'm also a dummy who didn't realize that the way HDTune does its tests are not conducive to what I was trying to achieve, thus why am in the process of getting ready to redo the tests with other programs.

A gentleman from Puran Defrag said that you may be interested in working with me on this. I am more than willing to put in time on this. However, I'm getting ready to relax for the weekend and will restart setting up on monday.

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