Thursday, January 07, 2010

DriveCam helps monitor good and bad driving

This commercial shows how the DriveCam device can be used to identify the cause of vehicle damage and driver fault in the event of a collision. The camera records the view ahead (what the driver sees) as well as behind and in the cab (what the driver is doing). If the vehicle swerves, experiences a bump or shock, or brakes suddenly, the camera saves a 20-second clip, both before and after the incident.
I have watched several of these videos, and some of them show a shocking lack of driving sense by some drivers. Needless to say those drivers have been fired or reprimanded by their employer. In other cases the driver behaved correctly, and the other vehicle was clearly at fault. This has helped companies claim from insurance and has helped drivers maintain their good reputation.
Full disclosure: I have done programming work for the company that supplies these cameras in South Africa.

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