Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Pro Shop gives amazing service

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have an allergic reaction to direct marketing, especially SMS spam and cold calling. Today I experienced something quite amazing: a company that cares: the Pro Shop.
I received an unsolicited SMS this morning, but at least they had spelt my name right. I complained to their web site email as well as HelloPeter, and expected to hear nothing further, because most companies don't give a rip. To my delight and surprise I got a call from Marius Myburg and later from John Muller, both apologising and assuring me that they don't use marketing lists. Later Marius was able to tell me exactly how my name was added, and since I know the person who added my name to their database, I am sure it was a genuine mistake.
The way they responded was friendly, helpful and professional. They "got it" and didn't try to duck my questions. They gave straight answers and I am seriously impressed. Perhaps they should open a "marketing and customer service academy" next to their golf academy, and show the rest of South Africa how to do marketing RIGHT. If I ever take up golf I know where I will buy my stuff from. I may even get a gift voucher for my Father-in-Law from them. Mmm ...

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