Saturday, January 03, 2009

PlaySound and DelayLaunch Improvements

PlaySound is a utility for Windows that allows you to play a sound file from the command line or from a shortcut. I find it useful also as a timer for the startup process in Windows. So useful, in fact, that I recently updated the setup program to do exactly that.
DelayLaunch is a similar utility, but it doesn't play a sound. It waits for a specified period of time, and then opens a specified file, which can be a data file, a batch file, or an application. I use this to fire up certain applications when my PC starts up, and the delay is used to make sure that all the programs don't try to start running at the same time, when the hard drive is still busy.
I have mentioned DelayLaunch before, but it hasn't been available for download until now. Now it is bundled in the PlaySound setup file, since the applications are so similar.

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