Sunday, August 10, 2008

Who Killed the Electric Car?

An extract from the movie that General Motors and Chevron don't want you to see. It's called Who Killed The Electric Car and you can get the full 702MB file by clicking on the P2P link above, assuming you have eMule or a similar program. Or you can buy the DVD. The movie explains how GM and the oil companies, along with their stooges like George Bush, crippled their own attempts to produce an electric car. It doesn't mention, but explains anyway, why Toyota is now the world's number 1 car maker and GM is going bust: lack of vision and forward planning.
What I'd really like to know is why Japan doesn't have incentives for electric vehicles in their own country. Or Korea, or the EU, for that matter. Here is the trailer for the movie, and there are more facts and figures at the web site:

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