Friday, April 04, 2008

City Power Adverts Give Weird Advice

Last Sunday we were given the "good news" in the form of an advert listing the "Pre-Emptive Load Shedding Schedule". Each suburb in Joburg is cut off for 12 hours per fortnight, a cut-off of 3.5% across the board, even though a 10% saving is required.
To add insult to injury, they publish "Energy Saving Tips" that don't make sense.
"2. Switch off geysers during the off peak period (after the morning bath and after the evening bath)."
Are they serious? Like the Minister of Energy, they want geysers to be run only during peak periods, where the load will further aggravate Eskom's already overstrained generators. Eish!
I called the "Public Relations" department of City Power, on 011-490-7000. The two people who put the advert together were either off sick or on leave. Hopefully they can explain the wording of the advert next week.

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