Friday, January 25, 2008

PerfectDisk 2008

Before the beta program was launched, everyone assumed the successor to PD8 would simply be called PerfectDisk 9. Now I can reveal it's called PerfectDisk 2008, which will probably be shortened to PD08, not to be confused with PD8. The PerfectDisk Blog has changed its artwork to include the new product logo.
The product launch is expected on January 29th, and (power cuts notwithstanding) I hope to post a review of the product shortly afterwards. The launch version will probably be version for those version geeks who want to know.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Donn.

I'm looking forward to your review. I am currently trialling PD 2008 and it is nicer than the previous version, under the updated GUI (which is nicer, but still not brilliant IMHO), there are only a few major new functions, but lots not nice neat improvements. Maybe this will be the version that is good enough for me to dump Diskeeper 10.

Cheers Nick