Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New PerfectDisk on Jan 29th

The PerfectDisk blog talks about the new version of PerfectDisk "coming very soon", and today I received an email thanking me for my participation in the beta program. I can't say anything more about it because I signed a non-disclosure agreement. I will be writing a review for publication soon.
Then I noticed a special offer for PD8 on the Raxco website that ends on January 28th 2008, plus the animation on their home page (see screen shot above) which mentions the new product to be released on Tuesday 29th January 2008. Presumably the pricing and other details will be announced then.
The terms of the non-disclosure agreement are not onerous, but since I gace them my word not to say anything about the beta program until the product has been launched, please bear with me until Tuesday.

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