Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Portrait of a Taxi Driver

Meet Mr B T Ndlovu, who drives the taxi with registration number VRC 586 GP. He decided to overtake me on the left side, across the yellow line, and then cut in front of me. When I saw how close he was driving I hooted, but he was so busy showing me his middle finger that he drove into the front of my car before I could brake, scraping the front left of my car.
Notice his white paint on my tyre, and the dent caused by his bumper.
His vehicle has minor damage, which probably won't be fixed, even though the owner of the vehicle, who wouldn't give me his name, wants me to pay for the damage. I explained to him that overtaking on the left and then cutting in front of me was not my fault, and he'll have to pay for my repairs as well.
There was plenty of space for the taxi to overtake on the left, even though it is illegal, because I was allowing space for people wanting to turn left onto the highway. I was going straight, and so was he, by the looks of things.
All his passengers got out and took another vehicle, so he made a U-turn across 4 lanes into oncoming traffic to collect another load. The police case number from the Linden police station is AR 169/07/2007, and now I have to try to track down the owner and claim damages. What a mission! I contacted OUTsurance, who have been most helpful so far.
Update: the contact number supplied by the driver is incorrect. I wonder whether this person actually exists, or whether the vehicle is correctly registered? Time will tell.

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