Thursday, July 19, 2007

Harry Potter and American Bloody-Mindedness

Only in America could major newspapers publish reviews of an embargoed book and hope to get away with it. Only in America could book stores sell copies in advance of the launch date. Are these people stupid, or just plain incompetent?
The New York Times claims to have read the book. This review was also published by the International Herald Tribune, with the graphic shown above. What a cheek. Another review was published by the Baltimore Sun. All of these papers are supposed to be run by real journalists who have dictionaries on their shelves which explain the meaning of the word "embargo".
Personally I hope that JK Rowling sues these dolts for millions, along with the dumbass people who work for the stores that shipped the books in advance. I guess you don't have to be able to read to work for a book store in the USA. Its journalists like these who make us realise just how honest their papers really are. Perhaps Rita Skeeter works for the NYT after all.
Update: No Rita Skeeter just got a job as a sub-editor for The Times, the daily version of our (ahem) well-respected Sunday Times. I guess gutter journalism hasn't died here either. Sad.

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HASH said...

This is probably just a marketing tactic. How many more people are talking about the book now?