Saturday, October 15, 2022

How to keep your useful CapeSoft accessories up to date

SoftVelocity Clarion

The accessories I use from from CapeSoft are updated regularly, as new features and fixes are released. I haven't signed up for the Ohnosoft Update.It! service yet, so I have my own (manual) update method. First you need to download my list files. Extract them to the "C:\Clarion11\accessory\Documents\Capesoft" folder.
First, let's use the full list. Delete the current CapesoftAccessories.htm file, and then make a copy of "CapesoftAccessoriesFull.txt". Rename the copy to "CapesoftAccessories.htm" and open it in your browser.
It's a tweaked copy of the CapeSoft Accessories page. The second column shows the version numbers of their products that you may have installed. The right-hand column shows the current version number of the product. Close this page.
Delete the CapesoftAccessories.htm file, and then make a copy of "CapesoftAccessoriesMine.txt". Rename the copy to "CapesoftAccessories.htm" and open it in your browser. This is the list of the accessories that I have bought, but it's easy enough to edit the HTML to add or remove products from the list.
Notice how some of my accessories are out of date. I have highlighted them in yellow for this article. Click on the "Downloads" link at the top of the page.
Click on the "Last Updated" column heading to get all the new stuff to display first. Then click on the "Download" button for each new version you need. When the downloads are done, use the "Show in Folder" option in your browser to go to your Downloads folder.
My downloads folder has a copy of my "SafeReader Passwords.txt" file, and a shortcut link to the folder I use to store all my CapeSoft installed files. Open the passwords file in notepad or your favourite text editor.
Extract each .saf file, and rename the installer to include its version number, as shown here. Once you have done all the files, put today's date in the bottom of the passwords file, and save it. This will move it to the top of the downloads folder if you keep it sorted by "Date Modified", like I do.
Copy the updated passwords file to the "CapeSoft" folder. Then delete the .saf files and move the installer files to the "CapeSoft" folder. Then click on the "CapeSoft" shortcut link to go there.
In my "CapeSoft" folder, I have a subfolder called "old". After I install each new accessory, I move the previous version of the accessory installer to the "old" file, just in case. The nice thing about these installers is they register the extension templates and stuff for you. I also have a shortcut to my "C:\Clarion11\accessory\Documents\Capesoft" folder. Click on it to return to this folder.
The installers have replaced your previous "CapesoftAccessories.htm" file with their own one. Rename it to "" and then copy "CapesoftAccessoriesMine.txt". Rename the copy to "CapesoftAccessories.htm" and open it. Voila! The version numbers should all match up, and all your useful CapeSoft accessories are up to date.

Update Tuesday 2 October 2023: New version of the text files, to open links in a new window, and listing additional CapeSoft products, such as xFiles 4, NetTalk 14, etc.

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