Monday, April 09, 2012

ANC's pro-Apartheid slogan

Jacob Zuma / Gwede Mantashe / Baleka Mbete / Kgalema Motlanthe / Thandi Modise / Mathews Phosa / Julius Malema© 2012 Zapiro (All rights reserved) Printed with permission.
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I was gobsmacked to discover that the theme for the ANC's centenary celebrations is "unity in diversity". Are these people completely insensitive or just plain stupid? Do they not remember 31st May 1981, when Bruce Fordyce put the word "comrade" back into the Comrades Marathon? I guess they were sipping champagne in London and so were a little out of touch. Here in South Africa politicians like PW Botha were proclaiming "Unity in Diversity" as a justification for the racism of Apartheid. It was the theme of their 20-year celebration of the declaration of a "republic" on 31st May 1961.
Our corrupt and glorious leaders also have short memories, or none at all. So now they will sip more champagne at party-political events around the country, paid for by the same taxpayers who paid for the corrupt arms deal, and forget about the suffering and poverty of the people they supposedly liberated. Then they will go home and count their share of the bribes they were paid, and not worry about all those who died of AIDS because there was no money left to treat them, because it was all spent on arms we don't need or can't use.

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Steve Hayes said...

And, as a David Marais cartoon showed, at the time of the republican referendum, Dr Verwoerd guiding a bloke trussed to a log going into a sawmill, "No, first we divide you, then we unite you."