Sunday, May 01, 2011

National Productivity Week

Every year we have a string of holidays evenly spaced to create the maximum permissible disturbance to productivity. And the idiots in government don't even realise the cost to the country. This year the Easter weekend just added to the general holiday mood, plus of course the Royal Wedding.
In the past two weeks we have had the following holidays:
Good Friday: 22nd April
Easter Monday: 25th April
Freedom Day: Wed 27th April
May Day: Mon 2nd May.
That's 3 weekday working days in 11 days. Not too bad if you earn a salary, not great if you are trying to pay the salaries. Fortunately there won't be any more holidays until 18th May, when we are expected to vote in Municipal elections. Another complete waste of time since they're all corrupt and/or incompetent anyway.

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