Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Carbonite Backup Review

When you make backups, you should always have three copies: (1) the original, (2) one local backup and (3) one remote backup. A local copy is there for convenience and safety, and for when you upgrade your computer. Typically this would be stored on a CD or DVD, or an external hard drive that can be stored in a safe place.
The remote copy is for disasters like your building burning down or being flooded, or all your computer equipment being stolen. The remote copy is often ignored or neglected, because it's a hassle. Not any more, provided you have enough bandwidth (i.e. uncapped) and a reasonable speed internet connection. Read the rest of my Carbonite review here.
In doing research for this review I discovered some customers who thought that Carbonite could replace their external HDD backup, and/or could be used to migrate data from a PC to a Mac. I don't think so.
Note: While I am writing these reviews I am also running some new benchmarks for Windows 7, 64-bit and 32-bit. I haven't forgotten or abandoned the benchmarks for fact-reviews.com.

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