Tuesday, March 09, 2010

FBI chief states the obvious over cyber-threats

FBI director Robert Mueller says cybercrime by militants, foreign states and criminals pose a growing threat to US security. Hollywood could have told him that long ago, after decades of producing movies that show terrorists of assorted shades targeting government and private computer networks.
But Mueller has to say these things every so often - that’s his job. He claims groups such as al-Qaeda primarily use the Internet to recruit members and plan attacks, and have shown a clear and present interest in gaining hacking skills by paying for outside expertise, as well as using techno-savvy members to pursue their aims.
He’s also worried that foreigners want American weaponry, intelligence and high-technology, and use state hackers and mercenaries to gain access to government and business networks. He might have added that al-Qaeda and other groups have long shown a gross appreciation for new-media, by beheading captives live on the Web. And Google could tell him something about online attacks.

... from The Daily Maverick short takes.

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