Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mail Burst: spammers who break the law

Today I got an illegal email from Mailburst, another marketing organisation that claims to be legal and above board, and compliant with the ECT Act. They also claim to be members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). One of these two claims is faulty.
Both my email addresses and my wife's email addresses are listed in the DMA's Do Not Call list, and has been for several years. In 2007 they "apologised" for sending me spam on behalf of their client 1LifeDirect. So I wonder where they got my name this time? From my bank, who is the only company that uses my private email address, or did they steal it from 1LifeDirect again?
Of course when I phoned to ask about this, the person who answered the phone had no idea, but promised to get back to me. I await Andre Nel's reply with interest.

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