Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mustang gets an Echo

I am trying an experiment, and I'd like your input. After all, it's a socal web (or something). I have created a web site that demonstrates how a database can be maintained on a web site. So far, very boring, unless you're a database developer.
But wait, there's more! Now I've added a comments section to the bottom of every page. You can leave comments, just like this blog, but they show up directly on the page. Please try it out and leave a comment at If the commenting system works well, I'll add it to some other web sites I run. The system is explained below, in case you are a webmaster somewhere. Once you sign up and pay $12 you get a simple code snippet to include on the page:
<div class="js-kit-comments" permalink=""></div><script src=""></script>That's it. Let the comments begin!
Update Sunday 20 Sept: I didn't realise that the "Echo Live" service is still in a public beta, and that if I disable anonymous commenting then the wheels fall off. Apart from that it's working fine, and I'm generally quite impressed with the passion and dedication of the guys as JS-Kit..

Introducing Echo from JS-Kit on Vimeo.

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