Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Stuck in the mud

This motorist got stuck in the "mud" during the rain tonight. This picture was taken at 5:41pm and the guy had already been stuck for a few minutes. He was still stuck by 6:20pm. I phoned City Water to tell them that their excavations from a water leak that started on 8th Novermber and got worse on the weekend of 22 November (Reference 2896001) had now claimed its first victim.
Originally the pile of earth that blocks most of the left hand lane was marked by 3 orange traffic cones left in the street. But by 28th November it had dwindled to 1 solitary cone, which disappeared earlier this week.
So when the guy drove up the road in the bad light during the rain storm, he may not have seen the pile of earth blocking the road, and drove straight into it. His front left wheel was well and truly stuck, and the right wheel just kept spinning in the mud. Eventually another motorist helped tow him out.
When I called 011-375-5555 at 6:12pm, the best they could offer was to say the guy should phoine their claims department in the morning on 011-688-1400. I hope they pay to fix the damage to his car. Of course there's no telling when the road will be cleared and the hole filled in. It's only been a week since the hole was dug and the dirt pile started blocking the road. Before then the fresh water ran for days into the local stream. I could hear it quite clearly at night. There is no telling how many megalitres of water went to waste.

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