Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Government Dithers Over Racist Attacks

Political correctness has now gone too far: it's all very well talking about Xenophobia and anarchy, but why is the government so scared of calling the rioting what it is: racism!?
These people are being killed because they are "foreigners", and therefore we call it Xenophobia, only because it is politically incorrect to call it racism. Normally Mr Mbeki is quick to use the race card, but I suppose because there are no whites involved he can't see it for what it is. What an idiot! People are suffering and dying while the leadership dithers and keeps silent.
If they do nothing for much longer then we can refer to the process as "ethnic cleansing", another traditional SA sport.
Update: On Wednesday 21rd May, nearly 2 weeks after the attacks started (they haven't finised) the President called in the troops, before leaving the country.

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