Thursday, March 13, 2008

PerfectDisk Gets a Service Pack

Last week I missed it, but yesterday I checked for an update to PerfectDisk 2008, and found that build 44 was available. The download and update worked well. The "What's New" file lists the following improvements:
  • Improved defragmentation speed.
  • Added ability to work in lower screen resolutions, such as 800x600 or 1024x768.
  • Added print statistics functionality.
  • Updated help files.
  • Added ability to set license key via Active Directory Group Policy.
  • Added the logging of a reason why the StealthPatrol schedule was suspended.
  • Added "Every X weeks" field to the Exchange weekly schedule.
  • Added Help Button in PerfectDisk Settings window.
  • F1 opens Help.
  • Added a warning when manually starting Exchange Defragmentation that this will dismount the datastore/stop the services.
  • Added data validation check on Exchange schedule wizard.
There is also a list of 22 bug fixes. Not many software vendors are willing to own up to bugs, so this approach is to be commended.


Anonymous said...

Good critics on 9Down!
I love you're blog and your article about Diskeeper really helped me out,

Unknown said...

Resident defraggers destroy harddrives and make system slower and more power consuming without any gain.

Big defragment companies' patents are empty bottles.

Donn Edwards said...

Actually, the gains are measurable. As for the rest of your statements, would you care to provide some data, especially with regard to drive life and speed gains.

Not all defraggers have patents. Most of the products listed here do not, and some are GPL licensed.

Anonymous said...

Check out the PerfectDisk 2008 Build 52 update! Even more refinement of a great product!

New Features

* Fixed boot time defrag issue on very large drives.

Bug Fixes

* Occasionally boot time defragmentation passes cannot move a file. Changes were made to minimize this condition.
* A change was made to the boot time defragmentation code to work around changes in Vista SP1. Previously user may have received a driver conflict message and the boot-time defragmentation pass was skipped.
* When querying files with more than 1000 names, PD91Engine may some times crash. This has been fixed.
* During a boot time defragmentation pass on Vista the computer sometimes failed to reboot after the defragmentation pass completed. This has been fixed.
* Fixed defragmentation schedules that would run "in series" while scheduled "in parallel".
* Added to the Excluded Files tab all files excluded from defragmentation by default.
* Formatted the display of file and drive sizes as xxx.xx.
* Put a higher resolution PerfectDisk icon that is displayed when switching applications via Alt-Tab.
* The file $Secure:$SDS is no longer excluded from online defragmentation.
* Fixed inconsistencies and omissions in PerfectDisk's Support Info.
* Fixed negative value of Number of Clusters on the Drive Properties dialog.
* Fixed not working "?" (Help) icons.
* Fixed statistics errors saved to a file in File Organization Summary section.
* Fixed network port configuration via Config.ini file.
* Fixed find files selection on the drive map for small (~300Mb) drives.